Compliment and Insult


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Compliment noun – An admiring personal remark.
Usage example: a woman who does not know how to accept a compliment graciously

Insult is an antonym for compliment in topics: praise, greetings.
Nearby Words: complement, complimented, complimentary, complied, complimenting
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Insult noun – An act or expression showing scorn and usually intended to hurt another's feelings.
Usage example: panelists on that political talk show simply exchange insults, not ideas

Compliment is an antonym for insult in topics: offence, praise, abuse, disregard, hateful communication.
Nearby Words: insulting, insulted, insultingly
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Similar words of insult
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How words are described

good good compliment good insult
best best compliment best insult
common common compliment common insult
direct direct compliment direct insult
Other adjectives: standard, many, single, rude, sarcastic, real, great, huge, bad, ultimate, new, major, greatest, intended, biggest.

Common collocations

sense compliment sense insult sense
character compliment character insult character
work compliment work insult work
woman compliment woman insult woman
Other nouns: someone, appearance, hair, mother, opponent, player, everyone, singing, skills, players, opponents, enemies, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • In this case he may have known what the word meant; he was just genuinely unsure if that was a compliment or insult.
  • Verbal Backspace So, Alice tries again with a new insult or compliment, directly opposed to what they had just said.
  • Verbal Backspace Alternatively, Alice attempts a compliment or insult.
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