Compliment and Smash


Compliment verb - To express to (someone) admiration for his or her success or good fortune.

Smash is an antonym for compliment.


Smash verb - To cause to break with violence and much noise.

Compliment is an antonym for smash in break into pieces topic.

Nearby Words: smashed, smashing, smasher, smashable

How words are described

good good compliment good smash
nice nice compliment nice smash
better better compliment better smash
similar similar compliment similar smash
Other adjectives: light, single, simple, actual, entire, big, huge, new, later, runaway.

Common collocations

character compliment character smash character
way compliment way smash way
opponent compliment opponent smash opponent
everyone compliment everyone smash everyone
Other words: opponents, enemies.
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