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Compliment noun – An admiring personal remark.
Usage example: a woman who does not know how to accept a compliment graciously

Tribute is a synonym for compliment in praise topic. In some cases you can use "Tribute" instead a noun "Compliment", when it comes to topics like commendation, gift, flattering remark. popular alternative
Nearby Words: complement, complimented, complimentary, complied, complimenting
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Tribute noun – A formal expression of praise.
Usage example: tributes were received from all over the world at the opera singer's farewell concert

Compliment is a synonym for tribute in praise topic. You can use "Compliment" instead a noun "Tribute", if it concerns topics such as favor, commendation, gift, testimonial. popular alternative
Synonyms for Tribute

How words are described

high high compliment high tribute
full full compliment full tribute
nice nice compliment nice tribute
similar similar compliment similar tribute
Other adjectives: direct, many, genuine, single, simple, big, great, ironic, aforementioned, endearing.

Both words in one sentence

  • Facial Markings While these seem to compliment his asymmetrical clothes they are in fact a tribute to his teacher, Zero who "dies" before the story begins.
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