Concealment and Hiding


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Concealment noun – The placing of something out of sight.
Usage example: your choice of the oven for the concealment of the money was unwise

Hiding is a synonym for concealment in cover topic. In some cases you can use "Hiding" instead a noun "Concealment", when it comes to topics like camouflage, keeping secret. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conceal, concealed, concealing, concealer
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Hiding noun – The placing of something out of sight.
Usage example: fearing that the enemy would soon be upon them, the museum director oversaw the hiding of the most valuable works of art

Concealment is a synonym for hiding in camouflage topic. You can use "Concealment" instead a noun "Hiding". popular alternative
Nearby Words: hide, hid, hided
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How words are described

good good concealment good hiding
usual usual concealment usual hiding
pointless pointless concealment pointless hiding

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Deus Ex: Human Revolution Concealment Equals Cover: It doesn't matter if your arm is sticking out around the edge of whatever you're hiding behind— unless you actively glance around the corner, you'll remain hidden.
  • Film / From Paris with Love Concealment Equals Cover: Happens repeatedly, but does get subverted once: Wax fires his pistol at a mook who's hiding safely behind a wall.
  • Concealment Equals Cover: Repeatedly averted starting from chapter 2, where bullets go through the decayed wood and brick Damon was hiding behind.
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