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Conclude verb – To bring (an event) to a natural or appropriate stopping point.
Usage example: a brief reminder of tonight's game concluded the announcements

Start is an antonym for conclude in topics: bring to an end, come to an end, finish, settle, decide.
Nearby Words: conclusion, conclusive, concluding
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Start verb – To come into existence.
Usage example: the fight started when one child tripped the other

Conclude is an antonym for start in topics: begin, establish, set about, set in motion, stop.
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
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Common collocations

match conclude match start match
point conclude point start point
relationship conclude relationship start relationship
argument conclude argument start argument
Other nouns: plot, series, show, season, time, way, game, story, fight, battle, mission.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / NCIS The black-and-white shots that start and conclude each segment didn't being until about 1/3rd of the way through the second season.
    Source: Series / NCIS
  • She's clearly the central character in Season 1 and half of 2, but as the show moved away from the books where she's the first-person narrator, this distinction became increasingly murky until entire plotlines would start and conclude with no involvement from her at all.
  • Video Game / Vandal Hearts Generational Saga: Flames of Judgment is implied to be the start of one, as both endings conclude by zooming in on Tobias' child, whichever child that ends up being.
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