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Condemn verb – To declare to be morally wrong or evil.
Usage example: it is a sign of human progress that slavery, which was once common, is now universally condemned

Decry is a synonym for condemn in belittle topic. In some cases you can use "Decry" instead a verb "Condemn", when it comes to topics like censure, blame. popular alternative
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Decry verb – To express scornfully one's low opinion of.
Usage example: scientists were quick to decry the claims of the psychic

Condemn is a synonym for decry in belittle topic. You can use "Condemn" instead a verb "Decry", if it concerns topics such as denounce, criticize. popular alternative
Synonyms for Decry

Common collocations

life condemn life decry life
use condemn use decry use
heroes condemn heroes decry heroes

Both words in one sentence

  • His sermon in the penultimate scene of the film sees him condemn all rock music as 'evil' through various and unsupported claims of such music promoting Hell and the Devil; he goes out of his way to decry homosexuality through the course of this bigotry-laden rant.
  • Overall the series takes a balanced view: while several episodes (mostly dealing with recurring character Winn Adami) decry the abuse of religion as a political tool or an excuse to discriminate against others, the show as a whole doesn't condemn the practice of religion itself.
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