Confirm and Reject


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Confirm verb – To give official acceptance of as satisfactory.
Usage example: the senate must confirm an appointment to an ambassadorship

Reject is an antonym for confirm in ratify topic.
Nearby Words: confirmation, confirmatory, confirming, confirmative
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Reject verb – To declare not to be true.
Usage example: I reject the claim that I have ever lied about that

Confirm is an antonym for reject.
Nearby Words: rejected, rejection, rejecting, rejector, rejecter
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Similar words of confirm
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Similar words of reject
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Common collocations

love confirm love reject love
view confirm view reject view
idea confirm idea reject idea
name confirm name reject name
Other nouns: death, time, fact, identity, theory, reality, existence, feelings, names, stories, claims.

Both words in one sentence

  • Greg Farshtey actively invokes this in the BIONICLE fanbase, as he's been known to "confirm" or "reject" plausible theories in order to throw fans off the trail of his actual plans; and when called on it would point out the Exact Words in his original statements.
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