Confirm and Veto


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Confirm verb – To give official acceptance of as satisfactory.
Usage example: the senate must confirm an appointment to an ambassadorship

Veto is an antonym for confirm in topics: ratify, reinforce.
Nearby Words: confirmation, confirmatory, confirming, confirmative
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Veto verb – To reject by or as if by a vote.
Usage example: my husband quickly vetoed my suggestion that we adopt the stray dog

Confirm is an antonym for veto.
Nearby Words: vetoed, vetoing
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Similar words of confirm
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Similar words of veto
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Common collocations

move confirm move veto move
choice confirm choice veto choice
marriage confirm marriage veto marriage
order confirm order veto order
Other nouns: name, detail, relationship, time, numbers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Second, the Narrator has the right to veto or confirm any detail about any character.
  • In Traveller one of the two main official powers the Imperial Moot (all the nobles in the Imperium who have the time to show up) has is to veto or confirm the Emperor's choice of succession and to dissolve the Imperium.
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