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Confirmation noun – Something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim.
Usage example: regards the finding as a confirmation of the theory that extraterrestrial impacts were responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs

Evidence is a synonym for confirmation in corroboration topic. In some cases you can use "Evidence" instead a noun "Confirmation", when it comes to topics like witness, ratification, true, documentation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: confirm, confirmed, confirmatory, confirming, confirmative
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Evidence noun – Something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim.
Usage example: do you have any evidence that this bike is yours?

Confirmation is a synonym for evidence in proof topic. You can use "Confirmation" instead a noun "Evidence", if it concerns topics such as witness, true, documentation, testimony. popular alternative
Nearby Words: evident, evidently, evidenced, evidential, evidencing
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How words are described

good good confirmation good evidence
physical physical confirmation physical evidence
clear clear confirmation clear evidence
direct direct confirmation direct evidence
Other adjectives: solid, critical, strong, actual, real, subtle, important, insufficient, definitive, later, further, visual, written, concrete, recent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Confirmation Bias is the fallacy of lending extra weight to information and arguments that confirm your own beliefs while disregarding or downplaying evidence that disputes them.
  • Since the first novel is very Kyon/Haruhi oriented, much of the evidence in the later novels contrary to this pairing tends to be hand waved or used as confirmation bias.
  • Music / Michael Jackson Despite evidence of his involvement, there has been no actual confirmation of what songs, if any, that he composed made it into the game.
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