Confrontation and Showdown


Confrontation noun - An earnest effort for superiority or victory over another.
Usage example: the softball rivals met in an epic confrontation on the last weekend of the summer
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Synonyms for Confrontation

Showdown is a synonym for confrontation in conflict topic. In some cases you can use "Showdown" instead a noun "Confrontation", when it comes to topics like set-to. informal substitute


Showdown noun - A hostile disagreement face-to-face.
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Synonyms for Showdown

Confrontation is a synonym for showdown. You can use "Confrontation" instead a noun "Showdown". popular alternative

How words are described

physical physical confrontation physical showdown
direct direct confrontation direct showdown
brutal brutal confrontation brutal showdown
entire entire confrontation entire showdown
Other adjectives: real, massive, big, great, little, famous, major, dramatic, possible, final, inevitable, next, last, eventual, said, upcoming, armed, climatic, one-on-one, climactic.

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