Conservative and Zealot


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Conservative noun – A person whose political beliefs are centered on tradition and keeping things the way they are.
Zealot is an antonym for conservative.
Nearby Words: conservation, conservatory, conservatism, conservator, conservatively
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Zealot noun – One who is intensely or excessively devoted to a cause.
Conservative is an antonym for zealot in enthusiast topic.
Nearby Words: zealous, zealotry
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Similar words of zealot
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How words are described

true true conservative true zealot
massive massive conservative massive zealot
devout devout conservative devout zealot
religious religious conservative religious zealot
Other adjectives: traditional, political, insane, crazed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Straw Character One specific example is Peter's father Francis, a typical Strawman Conservative religious zealot.
  • Principles Zealot: The Prayer Warriors follow a socially conservative and fundamentalist Christian mindset to extremes most people wouldn't even consider.
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