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Contemplate verb – To give serious and careful thought to.
Usage example: she contemplated the problem for several hours before reaching a decision

Reflect on is a synonym for contemplate in think about topic. In some cases you can use "Reflect on" instead a verb "Contemplate", when it comes to topics like meditate, speculate.
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Reflect on

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Contemplate is a synonym for reflect on in consider topic. You can use "Contemplate" instead a verb "Reflect on", if it concerns topics such as meditate, speculate, think about, think about seriously.
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  • Film / The Bridge on the River Kwai Contemplate Our Navels: Nicholson takes a moment when the bridge is complete to reflect on his career as a military man.
  • Rage Against the Heavens Mind, it was supposed to help him by giving him time to reflect on his sin until he was ready to repent, but eventually Naoya just went so nuts he is no longer capable to contemplate that possibility.
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