Contrast and Foil


Contrast verb - To be unlike; to not be the same.

Foil is a synonym for contrast in difference topic. In some cases you can use "Foil" instead a noun "Contrast", when it comes to topics like contrariety. popular alternative


Foil verb - Enhance by contrast.
Usage example: In this picture, the figures are foiled against the background

Contrast is a synonym for foil in complement topic. You can use "Contrast" instead the word "Foil" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as contrariety. popular alternative

Nearby Words: foiled, foiling

How words are described

good good contrast good foil
nice nice contrast nice foil
better better contrast better foil
direct direct contrast direct foil
Other adjectives: perfect, complete, obvious, effective, big, great, evil, blue, dark, stark, main, humorous, interesting, possible, greater, different, intentional, comic, modern.

Common collocations

name contrast name foil name
appearance contrast appearance foil appearance
death contrast death foil death
way contrast way foil way
Other words: revenge.

Both words in one sentence

  • Joining in the third season is Prince Zuko who is Aang's clearest foil and contrast and one of his three bending mentors.
    Source: The Team
  • Combat Commentator The current Big Bad also tends to know his stuff, since he's supposed to be a foil and contrast to Yusuke.
  • Foil A literary foil serves a similar contrast.
    Source: Foil
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