Contrast and Opposition


Contrast noun - The opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared.
Usage example: "in contrast to", "by contrast

Opposition is a synonym for contrast in difference topic. In some cases you can use "Opposition" instead a noun "Contrast", when it comes to topics like variance, contradiction, antithesis. popular alternative


Opposition noun - The inclination to resist.

Contrast is a synonym for opposition in conflict topic. You can use "Contrast" instead a noun "Opposition", if it concerns topics such as variance, difference, antithesis. popular alternative

How words are described

clear clear contrast clear opposition
direct direct contrast direct opposition
complete complete contrast complete opposition
total total contrast total opposition
Other adjectives: sharp, heavy, strong, actual, real, intense, stark, main, major, possible, further, significant.

Both words in one sentence

  • The first is poetry, the other indicates a state of opposition or contrast.
  • Theistic Satanism is entirely separate from LaVeyan Satanism and atheistic Satanism in general, as Theistic Satanism is directly stated worship of what Theistic Satanists believe to be a literally existing Satan, in direct opposition and contrast to atheistic Satanism.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast Interestingly the NDP's policies are also largely agreed to be in sharper contrast with the Conservative Party than the previous opposition: the Liberal Party (red).
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