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Contrast verb – To be unlike; to not be the same.
Usage example: her depressed mood today contrasts sharply with her good spirits yesterday

Vary is a synonym for contrast in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Vary" instead a verb "Contrast", when it comes to topics like comparison, differ, compare.
Nearby Words: contrary, contrasting, contrasted, contrastingly
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Vary verb – To be unlike; to not be the same.
Usage example: opinions by experts on the subject vary

Contrast is a synonym for vary in activity topic. You can use "Contrast" instead a verb "Vary", if it concerns topics such as comparison, differ.
Nearby Words: varied, various, varying
Synonyms for Vary

Common collocations

power contrast power vary power
life contrast life vary life
nobility contrast nobility vary nobility
way contrast way vary way
Other nouns: location, red, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Contrast with Monsters Anonymous, where the emphasis is on blending in with humanity... though the exact purpose to the blending in may vary.
  • The Chew Toy Contrast with The Woobie, whose suffering inspires sympathy and a desire to make things better for them instead of amusementnote which category a certain character fits in may vary from person to person.
    Source: The Chew Toy
  • Space Amish Space Amish are defined by having very limited or primitive technology in explicit contrast with the extensive technology of the universe around it, though just how limited or primitive their technology is can vary widely.
    Source: Space Amish
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