Conventional and Radical


Conventional adjective - Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.

Radical is an antonym for conventional.


Radical adjective - Being very far from the center of public opinion.
Usage example: the baggy trousers that Amelia Bloomer introduced in the 1850s were considered a radical form of dress for women at the time

Conventional is an antonym for radical.

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Both words in one sentence

  • Not that they're unfunny now, but they can seem like very conventional establishment figures when once they were radical.
  • Flying Saucer At a time when very few people had seen even the first conventional jet aircraft, this radical new configuration of jet fighter would have seemed completely alien to the observer.
    Source: Flying Saucer
  • Billions of Buttons The sole exception is the F-35, where a cockpit interface driven almost entirely via touchscreen and voice input is just one of many radical (and as yet unproven) departures from conventional fighter design.
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