Conventional and Unusual


Conventional adjective - Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.
Usage example: conventional wisdom holds that an incumbent president has an overwhelming advantage over his opponent

Unusual is an antonym for conventional in topics: common, unoriginal, unconventional.


Unusual adjective - Noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced.

Conventional is an antonym for unusual in topics: strange, different.

Nearby Words: unused, unusually

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Steven Soderbergh Biopic: An unusual one of Franz Kafka's, followed by a conventional one of Erin Brockovich, followed in turn by unusual films like The Informant!
  • Unusual User Interface The massive Gundam-esque "Combots" in Metal Fatigue used an unusual hybrid of conventional controls and what appeared to be a kind of motion-capture pedestal.
  • Literature / Nursery Crime Throughout the series he relies on unusual allies and narrative intuition more than conventional police tactics.
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