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Conversation noun – Talking or a talk between two or more people.
Usage example: Thomas Jefferson was celebrated for his brilliant, wide-ranging conversations with a host of friends and acquaintances

Dialogue is a synonym for conversation in talk topic. In some cases you can use "Dialogue" instead a noun "Conversation", when it comes to topics like speech, words, discussion, chat. popular alternative
Nearby Words: converse, conversant, conversed, conversable, conversational
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Dialogue noun – An exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue.
Usage example: calling for an international dialogue on human rights

Conversation is a synonym for dialogue in talk topic. You can use "Conversation" instead a noun "Dialogue", if it concerns topics such as speech, words, chat, script. popular alternative
Nearby Words: dialog, dialogued, dialoguing, dialogic
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How words are described

full full conversation full dialogue
special special conversation special dialogue
exact exact conversation exact dialogue
similar similar conversation similar dialogue
Other adjectives: normal, brief, short, right, following, awkward, actual, entire, real, little, amusing, important, inner, early, meaningful, final, suggestive, funny, later, hilarious, random, different, optional.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ken and Gabby were originally meant to be recruited not through a Spectre terminal, but in an actual conversation/dialogue scene in the Purgatory Bar.
  • In the words of Roger Ebert, the dialogue in Pulp Fiction isn't Seinfeldian at all, but "load-bearing." For example, the conversation about a pot belly between Butch and Fabienne.
  • Dialogue Tree Dragon Age generally provided 5-6 dialogue options at the start of the conversation, and had a similar conversation mechanic to KOTOR where skills and your gender/origin play a part in dialogue.
    Source: Dialogue Tree
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