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Cool verb – To cause to lose heat.
Usage example: cool your drinks in the icy mountain stream

Freeze is a synonym for cool in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Freeze" instead a verb "Cool", when it comes to topics like chill, make cool.
Nearby Words: coolness, coolly, cooler, cooled, cooling
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Freeze verb – To become physically firm or solid.
Cool is a synonym for freeze in deep freeze topic. Sometimes you can use "Cool" instead a verb "Freeze", if it concerns topics such as store at a low temperature.
Synonyms for Freeze

How words are described

bad bad cool bad freeze
classic classic cool classic freeze

Common collocations

room cool room freeze room
earth cool earth freeze earth
blood cool blood freeze blood
pilot cool pilot freeze pilot
Other nouns: times, bullets.

Both words in one sentence

  • Freeze Frame Bonus / Western Animation In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Two Face," it's easy to spot in normal viewing, but still cool to freeze frame Harvey Dent's gruesome half foreshadowed in a flash of lightning.
  • Podcast / RiffTrax Freeze freezes Robin and quips, "Stay cool, bird boy." The riffers mishear it as "beard boy", thanks to Freeze's accent.
  • Fan Fic / The Last Daughter She learns about her freeze breath while trying to cool a cup of tea, and later uses it to immobilize Lung.
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