Cool and Heat


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Cool verb – To cause to lose heat.
Usage example: cool your drinks in the icy mountain stream

Heat is an antonym for cool in topics: lose heat, make cool, warm, chill, abate.
Nearby Words: coolness, coolly, cooler, cooled, cooling
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Heat verb – To cause to have or give off heat to a moderate degree.
Usage example: heat the oven to 350 degrees before you put the cake in

Cool is an antonym for heat in topics: warm, anger, cold, high temperature, make or become hot.
Nearby Words: heated, heating, heater
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How words are described

old old cool old heat
good good cool good heat
better better cool better heat
actual actual cool actual heat
Other adjectives: real, constant, great, serious, bad, major, extra.

Common collocations

area cool area heat area
room cool room heat room
can cool can heat can
blood cool blood heat blood
Other nouns: blade, systems.

Both words in one sentence

  • Narbondel remains and continues to function as a clock tower, even though it's not exactly clear how the drow see it heat and cool.
    Source: The Artifact
  • Literature / The Martian The nitrogen in the 20/80 mix offers thermal mass to help inhibit the formation of fires, and the greater density of the 20/80 mix makes it easier to circulate and heat/cool air.
  • Humans Are Special Our use of electricity to heat and cool homes has certainly helped.
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