Corporeal and Ethereal


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Corporeal adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Usage example: corporeal cravings such as hunger and thirst

Ethereal is an antonym for corporeal.
Nearby Words: corporeality, corporeity
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Ethereal adjective – Not composed of matter.
Usage example: that ethereal attribute that every performer should have—charisma

Corporeal is an antonym for ethereal.
Nearby Words: ethereally, ethereality
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Similar words of corporeal
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Similar words of ethereal
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Things that words describes

power corporeal power ethereal power
body corporeal body ethereal body
creature corporeal creature ethereal creature
ghost corporeal ghost ethereal ghost
Other nouns: world, effects, powers, undead, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Astral Aves Spirit World: Elements of the Diurne and Nocturne are corporeal and ethereal, respectively, but most inhabitants of each plane view the other mystically.
  • Webcomic / Astral Aves The corporeal and ethereal powers of items tend to be inverted.
  • Video Game / Magicka The barrier between the Corporeal and Ethereal Realms are thin enough here for large numbers of Daemons to cross over.
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