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Corporeal adjective – Of or relating to the human body.
Human is a synonym for corporeal in bodily topic. In some cases you can use "Human" instead an adjective "Corporeal", when it comes to topics like physical.
Nearby Words: corporeality, corporeity
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Human adjective – Relating to or characteristic of human beings.
Corporeal is a synonym for human in physical topic. You can use "Corporeal" instead an adjective "Human".
Nearby Words: humane, humanity, humanely, humanism, humanistic
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Things that words describes

soul corporeal soul human soul
life corporeal life human life
body corporeal body human body
nature corporeal nature human nature
Other nouns: form, species, technology, world, head, version, brain, bodies, souls, beings, forms.

Both words in one sentence

  • Suffice it to say, just about everything in mythology that wasn't human or a corporeal undead was either a spirit or descended from one.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird Christianity: Keep in mind that these creatures have no corporeal/earthly forms - what with being beyond the physical world and all - though angels did have the ability to appear in human form in the Bible, and demons had methods as well.
  • The mortal is not necessarily human; according to the template, it can be "any corporeal creature" that has an Intelligence score of 4 or more.
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