Counterpart and Mate


Counterpart noun - One that is equal to another in status, achievement, or value.
Usage example: she worked with her counterpart in the other office to get the job done
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Synonyms for Counterpart

Mate is a synonym for counterpart in match topic. In some cases you can use "Mate" instead a noun "Counterpart", when it comes to topics like equivalent, person, same, stand in. popular alternative

Nearby Word: counterparty


Mate noun - Either of a pair matched in one or more qualities.
Usage example: have you seen the mate to this glove anywhere?

Counterpart is a synonym for mate in match topic. You can use "Counterpart" instead a noun "Mate", if it concerns topics such as person, partner, equivalent, same. popular alternative

Nearby Words: mated, mating, matey

How words are described

human human counterpart human mate
female female counterpart female mate
original original counterpart original mate
true true counterpart true mate
Other adjectives: real, male, bad, black, main, new, deceased, apparent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Initially Amy was mostly on par with her games counterpart, a bubbly helpful team mate but with an occasionally bratty attitude.
  • The first was the Crone; the second the Maiden; and the third is Mother, Hal Mayne's Distaff Counterpart and eventual mate.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone Basically, he was such an egomaniac that he felt only his Distaff Counterpart would be a worthy mate.
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