Country and Town


Country noun - The land of one's birth, residence, or citizenship.

Town is an antonym for country in countryside topic.

Nearby Word: countryside


Town noun - A thickly settled, highly populated area.
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Synonyms for Town

Country is an antonym for town.

Nearby Words: township, townsman

How words are described

full full country full town
certain certain country certain town
original original country original town
free free country free town
Other adjectives: single, poor, small, actual, entire, real, large, little, tiny, fictional, titular, last, different, modern, neighboring, western, unnamed, European.

Both words in one sentence

  • Maybe they came from another town or country and upset the status quo with their strange foreign ways.
  • In many RPGs set in a Medieval European Fantasy world, there will be one region, country or town that pretty much defines this trope (or the related subtropes).
    Source: Far East
  • Pavel, the gryphon who Apple Bloom was friends with in her youth, was from a country or town called "Grogary Gorki", which is Russian for "Grogar's Mountain"
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