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Countryside noun – The open rural area outside of big towns and cities.
Land is a synonym for countryside in terrain topic. In some cases you can use "Land" instead a noun "Countryside", when it comes to topics like non-city environment.
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Land noun – A body of people composed of one or more nationalities usually with its own territory and government.
Countryside is a synonym for land. You can use "Countryside" instead a noun "Land".
Nearby Words: landing, landed, landholder, landless
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rich rich countryside rich land
complete complete countryside complete land
green green countryside green land
bright bright countryside bright land
Other adjectives: entire, barren, remote, idyllic, beautiful, peaceful, devastated, mythical, fictional, vast, local, frozen, surrounding, northern, war-torn.

Both words in one sentence

  • So at this moment land in the countryside is quite literally dirt-cheap and a lot of otherwise poor people own significant acres of land.
    Source: Land Poor
  • Darkest Hour But when you land the Big Whale just outside, FuSoYa declares that it's too late, and the force field flashes and turns into the world-destroying Giant of Bab-Il, who begins to nuke the countryside.
    Source: Darkest Hour
  • Napoleon's armies were infamous for living off the land and as such, his soldiers were trained and taught to essentially plunder the countryside.
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