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Countryside noun – The open rural area outside of big towns and cities.
Landscape is a synonym for countryside in panorama topic. In some cases you can use "Landscape" instead a noun "Countryside", when it comes to topics like non-city environment. popular alternative
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Landscape noun – The physical features of a region as a whole.
Countryside is a synonym for landscape in scenery topic. You can use "Countryside" instead a noun "Landscape", if it concerns topics such as panorama. popular alternative
Nearby Words: landscaped, landscaping
Synonyms for Landscape

How words are described

normal normal countryside normal landscape
complete complete countryside complete landscape
endless endless countryside endless landscape
green green countryside green landscape
Other adjectives: open, empty, entire, barren, verdant, idyllic, beautiful, gorgeous, lush, pristine, hilly, vast, local, snowy, frozen, surrounding.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Memories of Murder Scenery Porn: There are many landscape shots of the Korean countryside.
  • Viral Transformation The infection is later shown spreading across the countryside, creating a beautiful verdant landscape.
  • Useful Notes / Australian Wildlife Ever since the introduction of the cactoblastus moth, whose grubs parasitise them, they're become more or less part of the landscape; lone cacti scattered across the countryside.
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