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Covenant noun – A formal agreement between two or more nations or peoples.
Usage example: the two countries signed a peace covenant that, it was hoped, would put an end to decades of bitter conflict

Deal is a synonym for covenant in pact topic. In some cases you can use "Deal" instead the word "Covenant" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like contract, agree. popular alternative
Nearby Words: covenanted, coven, covenanting, covenanter
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Deal noun – An arrangement about action to be taken.
Usage example: we made a deal to cooperate on the next assignment

Covenant is a synonym for deal in agreement topic. You can use "Covenant" instead the word "Deal" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as pact, agree. popular alternative
Nearby Words: dealing, dealer, dealt
Synonyms for Deal

How words are described

special special covenant special deal
separate separate covenant separate deal
original original covenant original deal
entire entire covenant entire deal
Other adjectives: main, former, last.

Common collocations

amount covenant amount deal amount

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Full Frontal Nerdity Chekhov's Gun: In 2013 Emma mentioned something about a "Disputed covenant cumulative client soul darnation clause" in regards to Lewis' deal with her.
  • Video Game / Shadow Hearts aka: Shadow Hearts Covenant Covenant focuses on how they both deal with this tragedy in different ways: Yuri eventually learns to overcome his grief and regains his will to live, while Kato begins as the stronger of the two but eventually descends into nihilism.
  • Video Game / Dark Souls II There is a covenant called the Company of Champions, that makes the game much harder: you deal less damage, enemies deal more damage, you cannot summon any phantoms to help you, you can't be summoned yourself, you have greater chances of being invaded, and the enemy AI is made smarter.
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