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Cracked adjective – Having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind.
Wild and cracked are semantically related in state topic. In some cases you can use "Wild" instead an adjective "Cracked", when it comes to topics like crazy, insane.
Nearby Words: crack, cracking, crackle, cracker, crackled
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Wild adjective – Living outdoors without taming or domestication by humans.
Cracked and wild are semantically related in crazy topic. Sometimes you can use "Cracked" instead an adjective "Wild", if it concerns topics such as insane.
Nearby Words: wildly, wilding, wilde
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hair cracked hair wild hair

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  • Suspiciously Cracked Wall Wild ARMS 3 has noticeably cracked walls and Clive has bombs.
  • Western Animation / Clone High Gandhi, Abe's best friend, who cracked under the pressure of living up to the original Mahatma Gandhi and devolved into a wild party animal.
  • Literature / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wild squirrels can turn into Killer Rabbits when cornered, but trained squirrels would have cracked her head open if they had seen her as a "bad nut", and end up tossing her down the garbage chute.
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