Create and Demolish


Create verb - To be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind).
Usage example: it was your negligence that created this mess

Demolish is an antonym for create in topics: make, develop in mind or physically.


Demolish verb - To destroy (as a building) completely by knocking down or breaking to pieces.
Usage example: developers demolished the old warehouse to make room for the new shopping mall

Create is an antonym for demolish in topics: knock down, destroy.

Nearby Words: demolition, demolishing

Common collocations

life create life demolish life
people create people demolish people
system create system demolish system
team create team demolish team
Other words: army, world, barrier, stories.

Both words in one sentence

  • Godzilla Threshold During the Chicago Fire, dynamite was used to demolish entire blocks of buildings in an attempt to create fire breaks.
  • Genki Girl She has been barred from coffee and sugar twice, her outbursts can create walls of text, and her energy can demolish a multi-story corporate complex in minutes.
    Source: Genki Girl
  • Blow You Away He can use wind to launch himself through the air or create gusts that can demolish small buildings.
    Source: Blow You Away
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