Creature and Inanimate


Creature noun - A member of the human race.
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Synonyms for Creature

Inanimate is an antonym for creature in being topic.

Nearby Words: create, creation, creator, creating


Inanimate adjective - Lacking animate awareness or sensation.

Creature is an antonym for inanimate.

Nearby Word: inanimation

Both words in one sentence

  • In Mischief Makers, every living creature and inanimate object on Clancer has the same haniwa-like face on it.
  • Pretty Butterflies are a common choice, but it works with any other small and non-threatening creature, or even some pretty, moving inanimate object.
  • Chinese Vampire Some of these stories purport that if one manages to suck the creature's dying (and still held) breath out of it, it will fall inanimate and become an ordinary corpse.
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