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Creature noun – A member of the human race.
Usage example: we must try to be kind to our fellow creatures

Person is a synonym for creature in being topic. In some cases you can use "Person" instead a noun "Creature", when it comes to topics like beings. popular alternative
Nearby Words: create, creation, creator, creating
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Person noun – A member of the human race.
Usage example: is there any person here who knows how to speak Spanish?

Creature is a synonym for person in human being topic. You can use "Creature" instead a noun "Person", if it concerns topics such as individual, beings. popular alternative
Nearby Words: personal, personality, personate, personage, persona
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How words are described

particular particular creature particular person
specific specific creature specific person
perfect perfect creature perfect person
original original creature original person
Other adjectives: friendly, dead, single, poor, intelligent, powerful, actual, real, dangerous, little, horrible, innocent, capable, white, new, mysterious, random, unknown, different, said.

Both words in one sentence

  • However, in this case, the imprinting is done by one character of the story, or one creature, onto another creature/person, be it the protagonist, antagonist, a minor character, etc.
    Source: Imprinting
  • Ridiculously Average Guy The concept of reincarnation is explored in the form of the Origin, a universal law that serves as an individual soul's root for what type of creature or person it will become.
  • In some cases an Imaginary Friend can also function as a creature or person bonded to the character imagining them.
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