Credit and Debit


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Credit noun – An accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items.
Debit is an antonym for credit.
Nearby Words: creditable, credited, credibility, creditably, creditor
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Debit noun – An accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing.
Credit is an antonym for debit in entry topic.
Nearby Words: debited, debitor, debiting
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  • You Are a Credit to Your Race Chris Rock once illustrated the absurdity of such statements in a routine where he tracked the progress of African-Americans based on various individuals who were frequently cited as a credit or debit to his race (Martin Luther King Jr., Beyonce, etc.), as if it were a board game.
  • And Ninety Nine Cents However, the exact price is charged when paying by credit or debit card, so you could "game" the system and come out ahead by a couple of cents on every purchase.
  • This also caused the 1000 pesos bill to be almost worthless outside banking, especially if you don't have a credit or debit card.
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