Creep and Speed


Creep verb - To move or act slowly.
Usage example: that Friday afternoon we were just creeping, waiting for the buzzer to sound so that we could start the long weekend

Speed is an antonym for creep.

Nearby Words: creepy, creeping, creeper


Speed verb - To proceed or move quickly.
Usage example: a bullet train speeding across the lush countryside

Creep is an antonym for speed in race topic.

Nearby Words: speedy, speeding, speeded, speeder, speedway

How words are described

pure pure creep pure speed
original original creep original speed
constant constant creep constant speed
massive massive creep massive speed
Other adjectives: slow, extra, overall.

Common collocations

fans creep fans speed fans

Both words in one sentence

  • Super Speed Power Creep, Power Seep has made him ultra-powerful again; he now outstrips about 90% of the specialized speedsters in terms of speed.
    Source: Super Speed
  • Starting with Synchro monsters and BOOMING with XYZ monsters, The speed centered nature of the game along with some serious power creep has overshadowed much player interaction with the game.
  • Magikarp Power The sequel takes it even further, by giving all Zerg units speed bonuses when on creep.
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