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Creepy adjective – Fearfully and mysteriously strange or fantastic.
Usage example: a fascinating but creepy stage show by an offbeat magician

Eerie is a synonym for creepy in disturbing topic. In some cases you can use "Eerie" instead an adjective "Creepy", when it comes to topics like nasty, lurid, scary, macabre. popular alternative
Nearby Words: creep, creeping, creeper
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Eerie adjective – Fearfully and mysteriously strange or fantastic.
Usage example: eerie noises would occasionally come from locked rooms in the castle

Creepy is a synonym for eerie in lurid topic. You can use "Creepy" instead an adjective "Eerie", if it concerns topics such as uncanny, spooky, scary, macabre. informal substitute
Nearby Word: eerily
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Things that words describes

manner creepy manner eerie manner
part creepy part eerie part
sound creepy sound eerie sound
children creepy children eerie children
Other nouns: look, nature, place, scene, house, effect, moment, way, example, tone, atmosphere, story, theme, effects, variation, music, version, smile, song, tune, mansion, eyes, songs.

Both words in one sentence

  • Genius Loci Within the Dungeon itself, the dungeon hearts tend to modify any additions to rooms- leaning towards the macabre and the eerie/creepy.
    Source: Genius Loci
  • Goth Even as Tom Riddle he was eerie and creepy despite only being a student at the time.
    Source: Goth
  • Some complaints centered around the fact that they gave the Elites English dialog, destroying their eerie and creepy mystique, and physically transformed them from sleek and lanky to big and bulky.
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