Crimes and Misdeeds


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Misdeeds and crimes are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Misdeeds" instead a noun "Crimes". popular alternative
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Defintions of Misdeeds not found.
Crimes and misdeeds are semantically related. You can use "Crimes" instead a noun "Misdeeds". popular alternative
Synonyms for Misdeeds

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  • Film / As Above, So Below Not So Final Confession: Confessing about the crimes or misdeeds that the catacombs are haunting them with are what allow Scarlett and the remaining crew to escape the catacombs.
  • Most of the members of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are only in it because they've been promised a full pardon for their past crimes and misdeeds.
  • Series / Barney Miller Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality: In "The Judge" a woman comes into the 12th reporting a series of lurid crimes and misdeeds by the people in her apartment building.
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