Criminals and Outlaws


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Outlaws and criminals are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Outlaws" instead a noun "Criminals".
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Defintions of Outlaws not found.
Criminals and outlaws are semantically related. You can use "Criminals" instead a noun "Outlaws".
Synonyms for Outlaws

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  • Series / World's Dumbest... Many robbers featured on "Outlaws/Criminals" are shown robbing the same establishment twice, or two separate establishments in one day.
  • The trope is really only played straight on both sides later in the series, when it becomes clear to our hero that what Galactic Civilization is facing is not disorganized outlaws and criminals but essentially the evil mirror of itself.
  • Rock Beats Laser Either way, Russians lost hundreds of tanks in a disastrous assault on what was supposed to be a ragtag group of "criminals and outlaws." Worth noting, many of the Chechen fighters had previously served in the Russian military, hence their familiarity with anti-tank weapons and tactics.
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