Crude and Refined


Crude adjective - Being such as found in nature and not altered by processing or refining.
Usage example: a sizable spill of crude oil along a coastline is the worst kind of environmental disaster

Refined is an antonym for crude in unrefined topic.

Nearby Words: crudity, crudely


Refined adjective - Having or showing a taste for the fine arts and gracious living.
Usage example: a refined couple who have hosted many elegant benefits for organizations promoting the arts

Crude is an antonym for refined.

Nearby Words: refinement, refining, refiner

Both words in one sentence

  • Art Evolution: The animation and artstyle became less crude and more refined over time.
  • Both varieties of engine oil are synthetic in some sense — engine oil has to be refined from crude oil, while synthetic oil is made from other sources of lubricants.
  • All building materials are refined from ores and other useful materials; iron, copper, coal, stone, wood, and crude oil.
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