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Crude adjective – Lacking in refinement or good taste.
Usage example: any discussion of one's money is considered crude by the club's blue-blooded members

Rough is a synonym for crude in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Rough" instead the word "Crude" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like good, state, courtesy, boisterous. vulgar substitute
Nearby Words: crudity, crudely
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Rough adjective – Hastily or roughly constructed.
Usage example: made a rough camp as darkness fell over the forest

Crude is a synonym for rough in boorish topic. You can use "Crude" instead an adjective "Rough", if it concerns topics such as basic, characteristic, behaviour, good. popular alternative
Nearby Words: roughly, roughness, roughen, roughening, roughed
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Things that words describes

sense crude sense rough sense
manner crude manner rough manner
animation crude animation rough animation
sketch crude sketch rough sketch
Other nouns: style, sex, appearance, type, art, way, personality, language, version, stone.

Both words in one sentence

  • Characters / The Sandman Nice Guy: He's a little crude and rough around the edges, sure, but you couldn't ask for a friendlier raven.
  • Radar / Western Animation At one point, when she rebuffs his crude come-ons by throwing dishes at him, he comments, "Bruka likes his women rough, but not TOO rough."
  • Also, the pervasive influence of media from Tokyo to other prefectures had caused resentment from the latter, and their accents are mocked as rough, crude, etc.
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