Crudeness and Refinement


Crudeness noun - The quality or state of lacking refinement or good taste.
Usage example: the lowbrow crudeness of the commentary at the fashion show horrified her

Refinement is an antonym for crudeness.


Refinement noun - A high level of taste and enlightenment as a result of extensive intellectual training and exposure to the arts.
Usage example: had a sense of refinement that her small hometown couldn't satisfy, so she moved to New York City to be closer to great museums and concert halls

Crudeness is an antonym for refinement in topics: cultivation, cleansing.

Nearby Words: refined, refine, refining, refiner

Both words in one sentence

  • Double Standard First, it holds that mercy, refinement and kindness are "female" virtues as opposed to crudeness, violence and cruelty which are seen as "male" attributes.
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