Cruel and Murderous


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Cruel adjective – Having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others.
Usage example: cruel and unusual punishments are forbidden by the U.S. Constitution

Murderous is a synonym for cruel in brutal topic. In some cases you can use "Murderous" instead an adjective "Cruel".
Nearby Words: cruelty, cruelly
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Murderous adjective – Difficult to endure.
Usage example: the murderous heat of the desert

Cruel is a synonym for murderous in characteristic topic. You can use "Cruel" instead an adjective "Murderous", if it concerns topics such as difficult, brutal, deadly, homicidal.
Nearby Words: murder, murderer, murdered, murderously, murdering
Synonyms for Murderous

Things that words describes

man cruel man murderous man
people cruel people murderous people
nature cruel nature murderous nature
streak cruel streak murderous streak
Other nouns: characters, personality, actions, monster, villain, bastard, leader, boss, bitch, version, father, tyrant, brother, behavior, psychopath, ways, tendencies, villains.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the game itself, he's depicted as a creepy stalker, callous to everyone, needlessly cruel and murderous, and completely unethical.
  • Comicbook / Supergirl Claiming to be a descendant of Supergirl from the future, Black Flame committed a few random acts of vandalism, and then "generously" let her "ancestor" see archived recordings of the future, where she ruled as a cruel and murderous tyrant.
  • Literature / Papillon Between dangerous animals, unforgiving climate, brutal work, half a dozen tropical diseases, cruel guards, and other murderous inmates, the penal colony has an annual 80% mortality rate.
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