Cultural and Folk


Cultural adjective - Of or relating to the fine arts.
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Synonyms for Cultural

Folk and cultural are semantically related. in ethnic topic. In some cases you can use "Folk" instead an adjective "Cultural".

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Folk noun - One of the segments of society into which people are grouped.
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Synonyms for Folk

Cultural and folk are semantically related. You can use "Cultural" instead an adjective "Folk".

Both words in one sentence

  • Masochist's Meal It's currently considered by UNESCO to be a cultural delicacy and also considered a type of folk medicine.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture The unseen continent of Akavir is populated by dragons, monkey-folk and giant snakes (that ate all the humans) with East Asian cultural trappings.
  • Creator / CBC Radio-Canada decided to move most of the high-brow cultural programs to Première Chaîne, while the now-rebranded Espace musique started focusing on classical, jazz, folk, and world music.
    Source: Creator / CBC
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