Cultural and Racial


Cultural adjective - Of or relating to the fine arts.
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Synonyms for Cultural

Racial is a synonym for cultural in ethnic topic. In some cases you can use "Racial" instead an adjective "Cultural", when it comes to topics like people. popular alternative

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Racial adjective - Of, relating to, or reflecting the traits exhibited by a group of people with a common ancestry and culture.
Usage example: humanitarian aid workers are often given special training to help them understand the racial differences between them and the people they will be serving
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Synonyms for Racial

Cultural is a synonym for racial in people topic. You can use "Cultural" instead an adjective "Racial".

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Both words in one sentence

  • Five-Token Band Of course, after casting actors for the roles of "a Jewish-American, an Irish-American, an Italian-American, a Latino, an Asian and an African-American", the lead developer is furious because "no one will recognize them": His "solution" leads to even worse racial/cultural/ethnic stereotypes.
  • Comic Book / La Ribambelle These remarks aside they are represented as best friends who don't refer to their racial or cultural backgrounds.
  • Series / Star Trek: The Original Series The Man in Front of the Man: In "Patterns of Force", a society of Human Aliens has emulated the regime of Nazi Germany, complete with atrocities committed in for racial and cultural motives.
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