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Culture noun – The way people live at a particular time and place.
Usage example: a study of ancient Anasazi culture as it existed in the canyons of the American Southwest

Lifestyle is a synonym for culture in civilization topic. In some cases you can use "Lifestyle" instead a noun "Culture", when it comes to topics like ideas. popular alternative
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Lifestyle noun – The way people live at a particular time and place.
Usage example: retirees enjoying a more casual, stress-free lifestyle

Culture is a synonym for lifestyle. You can use "Culture" instead a noun "Lifestyle". popular alternative
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How words are described

human human culture human lifestyle
old old culture old lifestyle
rich rich culture rich lifestyle
similar similar culture similar lifestyle
Other adjectives: current, gay, entire, violent, new, traditional, military, different, modern, militaristic, tribal, decadent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Cookie Clicker From culture and lifestyle down to the molecular level.
  • Cultured Badass A noble prince who was known for building villages to aid peasants, had been celebrated by the pope, and had improved culture and lifestyle of his entire country during his reign, marks him as cultured.
  • The novel follows the adventures of a Six Student Clique of upper class Classics students who inadvertently commit manslaughter and try to hide the details from their new acquaintance, the story's lower middle class narrator who idolizes their culture and lifestyle.
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