Cybernetics and Robotics


Cybernetics noun - Biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems.
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Robotics and cybernetics are semantically related In some cases you can use "Robotics" instead a noun "Cybernetics".

Nearby Word: cybernetic


Robotics noun - The area of AI concerned with the practical use of robots.
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Synonyms for Robotics

Cybernetics and robotics are semantically related in study of computers topic. You can use "Cybernetics" instead a noun "Robotics".

Nearby Words: robotic, robot, roboticist

Both words in one sentence

  • Cybernetics and robotics are also relatively advanced; Bob Sakamoto was a cybernetics salesman prior to the events of the book.
  • Cyborg Mage: The Ascension from the Old World of Darkness included Iteration X, "mages" who could do impossible things with cybernetics and robotics.
    Source: Cyborg
  • Video Game / Civilization: Beyond Earth Flesh Versus Steel: The dynamic going on with Supremacy (which prefers cybernetics and robotics) and Harmony (which uses genetic engineering and controlling alien lifeforms).
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