Dad and Son


Dad noun - A male human parent.
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Synonyms for Dad

Son is an antonym for dad in mother topic.


Son noun - A male human offspring.
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Synonyms for Son

Dad is an antonym for son in father topic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Stir of Echoes Supernatural-Proof Father: An aversion, as in this case, Dad and son get involved with the ghost, but Mom's the one Locked Out of the Loop.
  • Literature / The Good Earth His second son doesn't mind since he knows how to manipulate his dad into giving him what he wants anyway, but his third son does mind.
  • Film / Zoolander When Zoolander reveals Magnum, however (Derek's father is watching the fashion show at bar), his dad is genuinely amazed and announces to the whole bar 'That's my son!
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