Dangerous and Safe


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Dangerous adjective – Involving potential loss or injury.
Usage example: the soldiers were specially selected to go on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines

Safe is an antonym for dangerous in topics: perilous, hazardous.
Nearby Words: danger, dangerously
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Safe adjective – Providing safety.
Usage example: we tried to find a safe place to hide our valuables while we went swimming

Dangerous is an antonym for safe in topics: harmless, cautious, not dangerous, free from harm.
Nearby Words: safety, safekeeping, safely
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Similar words of dangerous
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Similar words of safe
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Things that words describes

part dangerous part safe part
job dangerous job safe job
area dangerous area safe area
place dangerous place safe place
Other nouns: path, world, journey, version, items, places, levels, areas.

Both words in one sentence

  • Red Sky, Take Warning The World of Rod described in Labyrinths of Echo has red sky over one of its continents, not the most dangerous or safe.
  • Amusement Park of Doom Star Trek: In the episode "Shore Leave" the crew visits a planet which will read your mind and cater to your wishes, safe or dangerous, with no safety feature except for a nifty method of body repair that, evidently, resurrects any visitors who die on the premises.
  • He often will tell facts coldly in dangerous situations if he's safe instead of saving his friends, and sometimes even strangles them from behind for fun.
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