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Dark adjective – Being without light or without much light.
Usage example: a dark alley that most people wisely avoided

Obscured and dark are semantically related In some cases you can use "Obscured" instead an adjective "Dark".
Nearby Words: darken, darkness, darkened, darkening, darkly
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Obscured adjective – Being without light or without much light.
Usage example: an obscured area of the prison yard that was the perfect escape route

Dark and obscured are semantically related in ulterior topic. You can use "Dark" instead an adjective "Obscured".
Nearby Words: obscure, obscuring, obscuration
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  • One episode also allows a neural clone of Crichton to enter Scorpius' mind, depicted mostly as a dark shadowy landscape obscured by thick clouds of fog.
    Source: Mental World
  • Darker And Edgier / Video Games Mother 1 was a bit dark compared to Mother 2, which is the most cheerful and funny of the series, and despite being a pretty dark game, it obscured it with bright colors and witty dialogue.
  • Secondly, the items you need to pick up are often dark in color and hard to make out against the usually-dark backdrops, making progress a chore (in one instance, an item is partially obscured by your compass, which can't be taken off of the screen).
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