Daughter and Son


Daughter noun - A female human offspring.
Usage example: her daughter cared for her in her old age

Son is an antonym for daughter.

Nearby Words: daughterly, daughterboard


Son noun - A male human offspring.
Usage example: their son became a famous judge
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Synonyms for Son

Daughter is an antonym for son in topics: offspring, father, male child.

How words are described

beloved beloved daughter beloved son
old old daughter old son
future future daughter future son
dead dead daughter dead son
Other adjectives: real, little, young, illegitimate, new, elder, deceased, surrogate, last, estranged, older, newborn, adopted, favorite, biological, eldest, younger, oldest, unborn, youngest.

Both words in one sentence

  • A character tells another that they're like a son or daughter to them, possibly even "the son I never had."
  • Also compare Offing the Offspring for those occasions when the child is the son or daughter of the Big Bad.
  • Stan: It’s almost always a case of the son or daughter turning against the father.
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