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Daydream noun – A conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality.
Usage example: hoped that one day world peace would be a reality and not just a daydream

Hallucination is a synonym for daydream in dream topic. In some cases you can use "Hallucination" instead a noun "Daydream", when it comes to topics like illusion, reverie.
Nearby Words: daydreaming, daydreamed
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Hallucination noun – A conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality.
Usage example: were the voices real, or merely a hallucination?

Daydream is a synonym for hallucination in dream topic. You can use "Daydream" instead a noun "Hallucination", if it concerns topics such as delusion.
Nearby Words: hallucinatory, hallucinate, hallucinating, hallucinated
Synonyms for Hallucination

How words are described

old old daydream old hallucination
brief brief daydream brief hallucination
vivid vivid daydream vivid hallucination
crazy crazy daydream crazy hallucination
Other adjectives: weird, strange.

Both words in one sentence

  • All Just a Dream The trope was so ridiculously commonplace that the real twist was when an episode didn't turn out to be just some random character's dream/hallucination/daydream/Dying Dream.
  • Film / Serenity Daydream Surprise: The outdoor classroom at the beginning is not just a Flashback, but a hallucination of River's while she's Strapped to an Operating Table.
  • Film / The Dark Knight Rises Daydream Surprise: While Bruce Wayne is in Bane's prison, Ra's al-Ghul once again appears to him, but it's just a hallucination, or his mind trying to work who and what Bane is and using Ra's as a cypher.
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