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Debris noun – Discarded or useless material.
Usage example: the unsightly debris left after mining operations had ceased

Litter is a synonym for debris in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Litter" instead a noun "Debris", when it comes to topics like remains, rubbish, garbage, slag. popular alternative
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Litter noun – Discarded or useless material.
Usage example: if you get caught throwing your litter on the sidewalk, you'll get slapped with a fine

Debris is a synonym for litter in rubbish topic. You can use "Debris" instead a noun "Litter", if it concerns topics such as thing, garbage, slag. popular alternative
Nearby Words: littered, littery, littering
Synonyms for Litter

How words are described

stray stray debris stray litter
small small debris small litter
real real debris real litter
massive massive debris massive litter
Other adjectives: large, random, miscellaneous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Carpet People Also, most of the ecosystem is based on human litter and debris.
  • Evil Is Hammy The debris of your planet shall litter this solar system.
    Source: Evil Is Hammy
  • Web Video / Alan Tutorial The place is generally filthy with unidentifiable debris; Piss bottles litter the floors, a few of which are knocked over; scribbles cover the walls; and where the blue chair was painted, there seems to be a splatter of feces in its place.
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